To the Hundreds Who Attended Our March Last Night, Thank You!

And many thanks to our photographer, Andrew Courtney!

Click here for TV news coverage of the march.


Hundreds of people attended a march for justice Thursday night in White Plains.

Organizers said that the goal of the march was to unite people across Westchester, and call for justice following last week’s killings of Alton Sterling, Philando Castile and the five officers in Dallas.

Yes, that was our goal. And despite a sudden downpour of rain less than an hour before the march, and the stifling heat and humidity that followed, we showed up. We held up signs, sang, chanted, prayed, and made plans for the future of the police reform movement in Westchester.

We were angry, hurt, embittered. There was even an instance of shouting between march participants during an organizer’s speech as she retold the story of how Kenneth Chamberlain, Sr. was shot and killed by White Plains police just a few years ago. But it ceased as abruptly as it began, just a few minutes.

Overall, it was a peaceful march. It was somber. And it was hopeful.




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